Send a Digital Impression

GCD Dental Laboratory accepts digital impression files from all major intraoral scanners that produce STL files.


  1. Create or Login to your CEREC Connect account
  2. Select “MY CEREC CONNECT”
  3. Type "GCD" in the box for Company Name
  4. Click FIND
  5. Check the box to the bottom left for "GCD"
  6. Click ADD to complete the registration
  1. Call 800-577-8767. Select Option 1.
  2. Request that GCD is added to your scanner, and identify our lab using our company ID: 9323 or our email address:
  3. After GCD has been added, restart your scanner.
  4. After connecting to us as a lab, select GCD on your scanner when sending files.
  1. Visit Carestream Connect on your scanner
  2. Search for ""
  3. Add GCD
  4. Select GCD when submitting scans raw .STL files
  5. Email us at or
  1. Go to in a web browser
  2. Connect with GCD by searching
  3. After connecting to us as a Lab, select GCD when sending files

Please call for instructions